Dining Options



Silver Cle delights its guests with complimentary breakfast. Our talented chefs are trained to create flavorful dishes using a combination of traditional and seasonal ingredients. Prepare to have your taste buds tantalized by our delectable spread, featuring fluffy Idlis and a variety of other savory delicacies.


A la Carte

Hotel Silver Cle's restaurant is designed to cater to all appetites, offering a diverse menu that satisfies a variety of cravings. Whether you prefer light meals, healthy snacks, wholesome dishes, or delightful indulgences, our restaurant has something to offer. Enjoy the freedom of choice as you explore our wide range of options, including Indian, regional, and continental cuisine. Every bite of your meal is an opportunity to savor the delicious flavors and enjoy a memorable dining experience.


Chef's Set Menu

Silver Cle offers a well-designed set menu with our customers in mind. Our menu features a carefully curated selection of our most frequently ordered dishes, making your decision process quicker and allowing us to serve you faster. Our menu also offers combo meals at a fixed price, allowing you to easily order a complete meal in one go.